Daniel was all snazzed out in his blues this morning.... one last day wearing them as his everyday uniform. Tomorrow they will return to their normal use - special occasions.

Boy, there was no need for the sun to be out today, though it is. Shining as if it knows this is a special day! But, truly there was no need, for Daniel's smile was bright enough to light up the sky.

Off he drove in our "Bessie," for nearly an hours drive into northern Syracuse to the Recruiting Squadron. Phone in hand, smile on his face, dress blues and shiny shoes in place. This is the day Daniel officially signs out of recruiting.

It is complete.

How I wanted to go with him, after all we did travel this road together for four years. But, I will complete this four years the way I needed to: caring for our children. That was my job, my title, and my joy. Besides, I kind of think that this was something he needed to do alone.

This day brings sweet relief.
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