Thankful Thursday

*** I am thankful for my husband who has great motivation, people skills, and is really, really smart. He's quite handsome too.

*** I am thankful for the birds who wake me up each morning. Not the roosters, though. They are just out of control... 4:30a.m. is too early for anyone to be up. Human or foul.

*** I am thankful for my children who love me, and want to be with me; for the random hugs and kisses on "this cheek and that cheek" that I receive throughout the day.

*** I am thankful to have a Commissary to shop at again. I sure did miss having that benefit these last four years.

*** I am thankful for my healthy body, my strong legs to walk on, and my arms to hold my children with.

*** I am thankful for the small piece of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting I know waits for me each afternoon.

*** I am thankful for three children who take a rest time at the same time every day. My sanity stays somewhat intact because of that time.

*** I am thankful to be living in New Mexico - I love it here. Love it, love it.

I am thankful for my forever friend Tarrah.

*** I am thankful for my hero of a husband who killed the massive, and I do mean massive, spider that was surely going to eat me alive, last night. I nearly passed out from fright.
"Hi, I'm Andrea, and I am deathly afraid of spiders..."

*** And I am thankful for Blogland. You all bring a special joy to my life.

I could go on and on but children must be woken up, breakfast consumed, a walk taken, and life to be lived... Have a wonderful Thursday all! If you want to join in on the Thankful Thursday posting join Iris over at Sting My Heart.
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