An update of sorts.....
Remember when I mentioned I was interested in taking meals to the new arrivals to base? Well, I am in the process of setting it all up, and I am so excited! I love doing this kind of thing - I live for helping people. Just wanted to let you know it's in the works!

Oh, and I decided not to paint.


You were all so supportive and encouraging, but I think the whole moving experience was entirely too fresh. The thought of having to paint the walls back before we move again was an overwhelming thought. And I've got some big walls.

I'll just focus on how BRIGHT, and CHEERY, and CLEAN looking the walls are now. I am going to buy a colorful carpet for the living room, and my curtains will be full of life and interest. I'm going to put up big pictures on the walls, (anyone have any experience with a great quality online photo printing company?) and buy some more large plants to place in strategic spots.

I am so not a decorator. I know a lot of you are and I am filled with envy when I see pictures of your homes. I wish you could come and put my house together in beautiful ways, but you're all so stinkin' far away.

Anyways... thought I'd update on a few things.

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