A Question and Answer Opportunity
I had inspiration!! Aren't you excited?! I know I am. Here is my idea (Daniel dreads those four words!) .....

You already know that this week I am going to talk about healthy eating in simple, uncomplicated, delicious ways. I am also going to talk about implementing cooking from scratch into your cooking life. But here's the deal.... I can go on and on about this stuff but not really answer any of your questions. Or you can leave your specific question for me in comments and I can answer it.

Viola, inspiration!

So, please do. I would LOVE to answer any question you might have, and if I don't know the answer I'll just ask my mom.

Ha! I jest.

Okay, actually I don't. She is amazing with this healthy eating stuff.

Now go on, ask away! And just so you know - no question is too dumb. If you can ask anybody anything - I am your woman. I am THE QUEEN of dumb questions.

No really, I am.

Alright - hit me with your questions all y'all.

( I'm testing the "ya'll" thing out. I think I like it!)

(How long do I have to live down here before I can start saying "ya'll?)

OKAY, back to healthy eating! I can get very distracted. You'd think I lived around little people all day, every day!
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