Because I love a great link and I needed a viable front for some more adorable Eliza photos...
Don't forget to enter your guess in my contest! You could win some homemade caramel popcorn!

Awww, Mama! More pictures?! This is bordering on obsessive. I know I'm cute and all but really...

Just kidding! You know I love sharing my overwhelming cuteness with the world. I wouldn't want to be selfish...

Alright my friends, let's continue the good practice of sharing... As Daniel says: "Sharing is caring!"

I love a good link, I really do. And I am all about finding a great new blog to follow, which I totally did a few weeks ago. Angella over at Dutch Blitz... she's a rock star. Angella is funny, sweet, real, and boy, does she take some awesome photos.

One of the very first blogs I ever read is authored by a be-A-utiful woman named Crystal. She writes at My Longest Year and is one of my all time favorites. The other day she put up a tutorial for an infant swaddle sheet; that along with her other creations makes me wish upon wish that I could sew. But I can't, so I sit here and gape at the fantastic stuff Crystal and others are able to make. Especially those booty bags by Crystal. (Imagine, a booty bag created from a cute pair of jeans accessorized with some funky ribbon...!) Those are just plain awesome! And so is she. I think I could talk with Crystal for hours ( which we nearly did!) and never come close to running out of stuff to talk about. She's smart, witty, and real, real, real.

You all already know about POW! over at McMommy's corner of the world wide web. Fun, fun! If you haven't linked up, you really should. It's super easy and what's better than window shopping in bloggy land?! Besides, you want, you need, you must have McMommy in your bloglines... she's more fun than eating an ice cream cone on a hot summer day!

Okay, I found this new blog, through POW! a couple of weeks ago. Jenny at ThE SHUTan CLan is a personal trainer, and writes a blog every week on a new exercise we mamas can do to help recover our bodies from pregnancy and childbirth.

Because our bodies are recoverable, it's just gonna take some time!

This weeks exercise sounds a wee bit painful, but without pain there is no gain... right?

Ugh! That is the lamest saying ever. I hate pain. So why exactly did I choose to have three homebirths...? I digress, Jenny totally has hooked me with her weekly exercise. I'm lovin' it!

Another great link is found over at my friend Megan's. She writes at Life Every Day, and is yet another rock star. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff she can pull off all while raising (and raising them well, I might add!) four kids under 5! I am totally digging her Money Mondays. Awesome, applicable, realistic ideas to integrate into your life.

Oh, one more thing... Join in with Jessica's Real Life posts, won't you? It's such fun. Besides, she's awesome, hilarious, and smart. And she's adding her first boy to the Farm Fresh family very soon.

Phew! I'm all linked out for tonight, though I could go on and on. The hot chocolate I made a little while ago is gone (darn!) and I have a hunky husband to hang out with. Lucky, lucky me!

But I'd love to know... any great blogs I should know about? I am ALL about adding to my already busting at the seams bloglines.
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