Hurray for meeting longtime bloggy friends!
Yesterday was a smokin' hot day! But what a great day it was. We met up with Michelle from Big Blueberry Eyes and her beautiful family for the trip out to White Sands. It was such fun to hang out with Kayla and Lucas, and awesome to talk with Michelle and Joe.

Later on in the day we shared a yummy barbecued dinner - thanks to Joe! The kids had a fantastic time playing in the sand, hitting the baseball around, and best of all playing in water!

We tried to get a nice group photo but it proved to be a bit challenging. I love how Michelle looks all cool and collected in each one, with a beautiful smile. Me, on the other hand....

Trying to get everyone lined up! Yeah right!

Judah stand up!

Are we having fun yet??

At least we are all looking in the right direction... Poor Joe. He was trying to get a nice shot of us.

Finally Michelle had the brilliant idea to just have one taken with the two of us and the babies. They were a lot more compliant.

What a fun day! I fell into bed last night and I swear, I didn't move for 7 hours.

Today.... Carlsbad Caverns!
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