Just keep swimming....
Sledding at White Sands

Who can tell me where the title comes from?

Alright, so I'm a little behind. Okay, woefully behind. And my legs are killing me. Walking a million miles down, down, doooown into the belly of the earth with a baby on your back, wearing sandals (brilliant, just brilliant), trying not to slip on the wet rock-in the dark, all the while cranking my head up so I could see the awesome sights... that will do a number on a girl.

And, fine, it's not just my legs killing me either. But we'll not discuss that, now will we.

The pictures are coming.

It's just that my family likes to eat ( they're so needy), and the laundry is piling up, I've got an elementary school to visit today, groceries to put away, a farmer's market to check out, a van to clean out ( wow. it's like a work of art in there).

Let's not even talk about my bloglines... It's terrible, just terrible. I miss you guys!

I am really looking forward to letting you experience a taste of Southern New Mexico. We had a fantastic time, and I have such a greater appreciation for this beautiful state.

You'll wait for me, right?

Oh, and I have a post brewing for my beloved Air Force-ians. That one can't wait....
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