Dessert for Dinner Take 4: I'm going to need a do-over...

So. Dessert for Dinner. It didn't go so well.

It was suppose to be Boston Cream Pie, but that just went to hell in a hand basket. It was ugly, my friends. Very ugly.

Usually, I am pretty good with all sorts of baking, and BCP is not hard, but I was seriously distracted last night, and my kitchen was kind of messy. I don't function well in "messy."

Oh, and I nearly gave myself a black eye in the middle of it all.

Yanking on a jolly jump up - in all sorts of directions - to see if it's secure (I have a creative 2 year old remember) isn't such a brilliant idea. I learned that the hard way when it flew off the molding and slammed me in the eye.

Yeah. It hurt. A lot. I felt dumb.

We had Blueberry Cobbler instead. But, I am going to make a Boston Cream Pie. There's no way I'm going to let that silly cake beat me! I'm stubborn like that.

(Is it pie or is it cake?) ( It's cake so why do they call it pie?) (And to find the recipe one must look under "cake" in the cookbook. But it's called pie.) (Mighty confusing if you ask me.) (Which you didn't.)

I put a new poll up - did you notice?

Let me address the highlights thing... I did them. And they came out funky! But, I didn't have high enough volume peroxide so they were just barely visible. I was SO disappointed in myself for not realizing I only had 20v. when I thought I at least had 30v. I mean, really, what kind of hairdresser am I?!

So, until I can beg my friend Tarrah to send me some more stuff, I can't put the highlights in.

Oh, but I will put those highlights in... remember - stubborn.

Can we all agree that today being Friday is AWESOME! I, for one, am very glad. It's been a long week and I am ready to get my weekend on.

Happy Friday all!
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