Real Life at the Hubs Week 3: The Bedroom

I am joining in with Jessica over at Farm Fresh for a another glimpse into my real life. This week is our bedrooms. Or, as Jessica put it- where the magic happens.

I have to admit, this was difficult for me. I don't like to go into other people's bedrooms, and I don't like people coming into mine. The room just feels so private to me. But, I can step out of my comfort zone, slightly, for you.

I am going to stick with Jessica's ideas of what pictures to take. Here we go!

  • Under the bed
Phew! Only a feather under my bed. My camera balked at the idea of taking a picture. She said it didn't have enough natural light. Perfect for the boogie monster...
  • What's in and on your dresser
I share a dresser with Daniel, which works out pretty good since we have a big closet for all our other clothes. Our closet also serves as the unofficial gun cabinet, hamper holder, and keeper of all the things we don't want the children to play with...

  • What's on your night table
My night stand is pretty bare. And I like it that way! The floor... well, that has books - a parenting book, a Photoshop book, a book about baking (Woot for Julia Child!), a fiction book I have read 22 pages in, and my laptop.

  • The pictures/decorations
This is still a work in progress but we do have a few things up! I saw an black oval mirror that I think would look lovely in here, and would love to put some updated pictures of Daniel and I on the walls.

  • What you love about it
I love that our room is always clean. I keep our stuff to the bare minimum, I do this so it is easier for me to keep it clean. This bedroom is our sanctuary; there is no children's stuff allowed (though I did break that rule for a few weeks with a playmat for Eliza. A girl's got to be able to fold laundry, ya know!), it's the place where Daniel and I can come to relax and be adults.
  • What you hate about it
That there is usually a basket of laundry in the room, and the big beautiful window we have is sans curtains. I haven't yet found just the right material to go with our bedspread and general feel of the room. It bugs me to not have curtains.

  • What makes it uniquely you
The simplicity of it. The wedding pictures. The colors.

The love letters we wrote to each other as a Valentine's Day gift, the peacefulness.

  • What you sleep in
I asked Daniel what I normally sleep in... he said " Usually something sexy." And it's true. I love lingerie. I wear it for Daniel and for myself. It is nearly the only part of the day when I don't feel like a mother; I feel like a woman.

So there you have a small glimpse into Daniel's and my bedroom. Head on over to Jessica's if your curiosity is spiked and you'd like to see more!
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