S'up Dude?!

Hi! I'm Andrea, and this is my blog.

I love chocolate, and loaded tostadas.

I must always cut my waffles on the lines.

I am scared of strange dogs, thunder and lightning storms, needles, poison ivy, and escalators.

I adore high quality coffee, especially flavored, with honey and lots of cream.

I love to laugh and goof around. And I might snort when I laugh... I said might.

It's a cute snort, darn it!

I don't like bugs in any form. I shake at the sight of spiders, crickets and cockroaches. Snakes.... I don't mind them.

I am craving cream puffs as I write this.

Red is my favorite color, but I love them all, really.

I haven't yet preserved my wedding gown... gasp!

And last, but certainly not least... I really, really want my nose pierced. But, I'm a wimp. (see above about needles).

I just thought I'd get us re-acquainted since it has been so long since I posted!

This blogging stuff is hard work...


I love it. Every minute of it is fun for me. It's just that I had a lot of fun doing other stuff this weekend.
Like, sleeping in late with Daniel, and eating huge breakfasts, watching Judah jump out of his skin at the sight of a sparkler, sparkling, listening to my baby laugh, I read stories to my children, and composed umpteen jillion blog posts in my head.
We watched fireworks, went to Lubbock, took long walks, and swam at the base pool.
I read a cookbook, did tons of dishes, loads of laundry, shopped, got sunburned, and possibly... possibly made some new friends.

All that along with exactly twelve-hundred and eighty seven other fun things.

I was busy! And I had fun! But I missed you all. And now I'm back. You just can not get rid of me.
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