Gingerbread Pancakes Perfected!
I made a lot of gingerbread pancakes this weekend.... Yum! My kids love them and I have to say, they aren't too shabby. I'm kind of a pancake purist but even I'll admit that a change is nice every now and again.

The problem I ran into with the gingerbread pancakes, when I first (made them a month or so ago, is that they are dry. Drrrryyy. Maybe I am just use to my pancakes which are perfectly moist and simply delightful... sorry about the over-use of adjectives, I'm in kind of a silly mood. Eating these gingerbread pancakes made me feel like gulping a whole mug of coffee in between bites.

So, what was I going to do about this problem?

I was warming up some applesauce to put on top of the pancakes along with our maple syrup when it occurred to me... put some applesauce in the pancakes! Applesauce is notorious for making baked goods moist.

The addition of just a touch of applesauce to the pancake batter was perfect!

Now I can eat my pancakes without feeling like I'm eating very nicely flavored sawdust. Victory!

Did you know that you can make store bought applesauce taste almost, close to, sorta kinda, like homemade?
I wasn't able to put any applesauce up this year which was a huge bummer to me. What I do is take my store bought, plain jane, unsweetened applesauce and pour it into a small sauce pan. I slowly warm it up. While it's warming, I add a pat of butter (depending on the amount of applesauce I might use up to a tablespoon of butter), add in a tablespoon or so of honey, along with a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon. (I prefer more cinnamon but for some reason it inflames my kid's skin, wherever it touches)


Stir all that up, taste test, adjust if needed, and then serve to the ones you love.

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