Voice Over
Do you ever wish that your own voice sounded like someone else's? 'Cause I do.

I know, I know. This blog is turning into a forum to make Andrea not feel so crazy. Have you noticed?

Anyways, moving on with the crazy...

...my kids were watching Lady and the Tramp in the car last weekend. Daniel had gotten a stand-by electric "emergency" phone call while were out running errands. Soooo, the kids and I ended up at the base shoppette stuck in the car waiting for him to fix the problem. Fun times. An in-car movie was just the ticket.

I was sitting in my seat listening to Peggy Lee's voice as she acted out Lady... I decided then and there that if I could somehow switch voices with anyone, it would be her.

That's not too entirely crazy, right? Fine. It is but whatever.

Tell me if you have ever wished for a voice switch, and if so whose voice do you wish you could thieve.
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