Some people's children
Station Command over at Recruiting Tirade is laying out a story talking about a "former recruiter" (the guy is not really a former recruiter, see story) who is doing counter-recruiter events. Where I am I see a lot of this kind of stuff. People will schedule to visit a high school the same day as us recruiters so that they can offer a counter-perspective to the students.

First off, the students hate these creeps.
Second, how much do young people really need to be told that there are alternatives to the military.
Seriously, maybe 1 out of 10 applicants actually qualify to join. I sure hope they are aware of other options besides enlisting. And another thing, the system is perpetually pushing college. That's okay by me, whatever. . .but last I checked, college is the first thing that comes to mind for young people when they think of what happens after high school. It's not like these kids are thinking of joining the military until some counter-recruiter comes and "enlightens" them to their other options.

One thing I like to ask these yahoos is whether or not they believe America should have a military at all. They always answer that yes we should have a military. Well. . . let me do my job. It's that simple. Without us recruiters, America doesn't have a military. Without a military you don't have America. So. . . here's your options:

If you are okay with a full scale invasion of this country, okay with turning into either a casualty or guest worker in your own backyard, okay with seeing a new flag flying over our capital, then maybe you shouldn't be living here.

If you like speaking English, leave me alone and let me work.

And if you support the troops, think about starting to support enlistment too. Do you know who a recruiter's best friend is? You. Be that influencer that sends the kid to come see me. Tell young people that it's a noble choice. Tell them how proud you would be. Yeah, we're going to give them tons of money for college and a ton of other benefits, but there's nothing like talking with a young person who is joining because they truly believe it's the right thing to do. That belief doesn't just show up one day. It's put there by your influence, so be intentional about conveying that idea. Remember, if not them, who?
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