"Hi, my name is Eve, and I'm a lotionaholic"

Monday evening I hosted my friend Tarrah's first Body Shop party. It was a great time having our feet pampered in the company of good friends. Eve was able to join with us in the fun, she had even picked out her outfit appropriately, (a leotard) so that her clothing " wouldn't get in the way of rubbing lotion on her legs."

There was no place she would rather have been. You see, Eve is a lotionaholic; every time we are at the mall we must stop by the "lotion store" because she needs to rub some into her skin. She gravitates to the pink, glittery, highly perfumed lotions, of course. So, you can imagine what this girl smelled like by the end of the Body Shop party. One of my friends said it best: "It depends on which way she turns- she can smell like coconut, or strawberry, a little peppermint, or almond, maybe some shea butter or tangerine!" She was layered to put it mildly.

She also discovered that Tarrah had brought the make-up with her kit. For Eve, being the epitome of girl, this was heaven, absolute heaven. A perfect illustration of this is what she had lamented to me a couple of days prior: "But Momma, I just can't go to the store with my lips naked !" I'm no tomboy but she puts me to shame, and I love it.
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