Eve's First Day of Preschool
All these pictures are taken by Daniel, post- preschool. I forgot to bring my camera when we dropped her off. I nearly died. But I didn't, Daniel resuscitated me. He's a good man, that one.

Yesterday was the day. My little girl started preschool, what a weird feeling that was. I hated coming home and seeing the lack of life in our house. Eve is a little light - shining and bright, her excitement for life reflecting throughout the house. Our home was so quiet and boring with her gone. But, no tears were shed, we were too happy for her.

Eve was super excited; she absolutely loved everything about going to school, especially having a backpack and lunch pail. It was funny because with her being so tiny, she was nearly tipping over from the backpack's size! When I left she was painting and I knew then that all would be well. That girl loves to paint.

When I saw Eve get out of the van, after school, I barely recognized her for the layers of dirt she had all over her body! She had a blast! They painted, gardened, helped with the animals, had story time, snack and sang songs.

Eve even had a little boy tell her that she was mean, which seemed to nearly break her little heart. We talked about it and found she handled that particular situation just the way Daniel and I taught her to. Though, it is never easy to have someone think badly of your child, it was good to see her live out the principles we teach her day after day. Sometimes I have wondered if that stuff is even getting through!

All in all everyone's heart is still intact. We had an exhausted, but happy, little girl on our hands last night. A relieved little boy, with his "Ce-Ce" back home, and parents who can't believe how big their baby is. Where do the years go?
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