When is Thanksgiving going to be here?
Daniel and I are supremely protective of our children's minds, their eyes and their hearts. We take guarding their innocence very seriously. Eve often sings that little song "Oh, be careful little eyes what you see...." and she knows that it is true. That it's not just a cute song, we do need to be very careful. You can imagine then, this time of year is especially hard for us. There are grotesque masks, decorations, figurines, clothing everywhere. Evil is a celebrated event.

We have a grocery store chain here in Vermont called Hannaford's, maybe some of you have this store as well. Hannaford's will receive no business from me during this time of year as I absolutely cannot take my children in there. They have witches, horrid, horrid witches lining the front entrance, along the aisles, and on top of shelves. They even have them standing next to the check out lanes, right at eye level for Eve. Daniel and I have taught her to look away if she sees something like these witches, or cover her eyes when we tell her to. But, here's my question - Is all this necessary? Is it necessary to accost children, and adults for that matter, with these horrible images? I choose, during this season, not to take my children to certain sections of Costco, or Walmart because of the amount of disgusting decorations and items that they have for sale. Really, it's appalling.

Our children, they are so precious. Their minds are incredibly innocent and the images they see are so impactful. How easily influenced they are. I know, not everyone holds my viewpoint. This isn't considered an issue to a lot of people. Perhaps I am seen as silly or archaic, even overprotective. I am okay with that because I don't have to answer to those people. God has given Daniel and I our children; they are a gift, and their innocence is a gift. We intend to guard their hearts to the best of our abilities, all with the understanding that eventually innocence will trade for reality. In knowing all this, we are concentrating on building the character and fortitude our children will need to be able to stand under life's realities. And they will be faced with those realities soon enough. Let's allow our children the innocence of youth.
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