Head's Up
Daniel has been harassing me since the beginning to post more recipes on our blog. I haven't wanted to do that as there are so many wonderful food blogs out there. Pioneer Woman Cooks, anyone? While I really enjoy cooking, I am not a professional, just a mother needing to feed her family.

To satisfy Daniel, I decided to let Tuesdays be the day I would post a tried and true recipe. In all honesty I hate gourmet food. If that is what you are interested in, please don't try to find it here. You won't. I cook meals that my entire family can eat and enjoy. Simple, no frills, healthy, delicious food. We're on a budget too, just like you, so they will be economical.

My hope is that should you try any of the recipes I post, it will bring happiness to your family. Tomorrow look for one of our family favorites - Homemade Chicken Nuggets. They are lot easier to make than you may think!
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