Salvation Army Booty

I went into the Salvation Army looking for a set of clear glass plates, which I found but didn't buy. The particular set I found had eight large plates and I was being picky in wanting small plates as well. I'll probably go back for the set today. I can always mix and match to make my table setting interesting, all the while hopefully detracting attention from the fact that I don't own a complete set of dishes.
Although I may not have bought the dishes, I did come away with treasures. These little Japanese cups being one of my favorites. I also found a beautiful, hand-crafted cornucopia for my Thanksgiving table. I am absolutely thrilled about that piece and I already have a great idea of how to make it stunning, thanks to my local farmer's market.
I'd like to make a visit to the Salvation Army a regular part of my week. I am pretty sure can handle this because I am not a pack rat, or especially sentimental about "stuff", and I am keeping in mind that I will be moving in not so many months. But, since I do enjoy a beautiful home and my particular bent is toward the unique and older pieces, I think I will find this store to be a great resource.
My theory will only hold true as long as I remember to load Judah up on great snacks and keep him contained in the stroller. Otherwise it will be a lesson in torture.
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