Playing in the Leaves
I love how mesmerized the boys are by the leaves

Yesterday was a perfect day to play in the leaves, and this year they are beautiful leaves with red and orange as the primary colors. I'm so thankful since this will be our last fall here, last year was pretty pathetic in the leaf color arena. Fall really is the most beautiful season in Vermont, it is truly breathtaking.

Abriella's face is so priceless here!

This itty bitty hill in our backyard has provided so much enjoyment for my kids. It's big enough to them so it's fun, but not scary for a baby to crawl down. It provided the perfect prelude to the leaf pile yesterday.

Abraham was so much fun to throw leaves on! He just smiled and then smiled some more.

This has become my favorite picture of Judah. I adore it. I love how the anticipation of leaves falling on his head caused so much character to come out on his face.
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