She's Baaack!
My girl is back! And all kinds of spicy too. Daniel went to a men's conference at our church back home yesterday so Eve tagged along to spend the day with her Mi-Mi. A seven hour car ride down and the same back... she is one tired cookie. And it definitely showed today..Whew!

I have to admit I felt so lost these last two days without my girl and my husband. Normally I am only missing one at a time but to be missing both at the same time... I felt at loose ends. I tried to keep things normal but Judah kept asking for his Ce-Ce and his Daddy- very confused as to why they weren't around. I pretty much felt the same way.

With that being said, Judah and I did hold down the fort like a couple of champs. We ate fish sticks and omelets for our dinners, and had lots of time playing one on one. I was able to find out who the messy one in our house is and enjoyed the lack of screaming that usually comes from Judah while being tortured by his sister. We shopped, hung out with Tarrah and the kids, took lots of pictures, and listened to the music Momma wanted to. But, it was so quiet here - no chattering, no singing, no belly laughs, and no four year old opinions on everything. I hated to walk by her room at night and see the open door - it just felt weird!
Today, we're back to normal.... plenty of screaming, singing, tons of chattering, just not a lot of laughs yet. Maybe tomorrow, after tonight's good rest. But for now, I have my husband to love on, and my girl is sleeping in her own bed, so all is right with my world.

Now, if only this baby would stop kicking so hard... it's rude to kick you know, especially when it's your mother!
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