The Belly
My midwife, Kristen, came yesterday morning for a prenatal appointment. Hard to believe we are having an appointment every week now. I love that we sit on my couch and talk. No time limit, no pressure, no travel. I feel like Kristen can really pay attention to the baby and to my needs. I can talk to her about everything I am feeling- my fears, my excitement, my stupid questions are never stupid. It is so amazing to have everything from the very beginning of the baby's life to the actual birth happen at home. And I am thankful that we are able to have it this way.
Daniel stayed home for the appointment and was able to hear the heartbeat. I love that. For some reason, with all of our babies, I can never hear the heartbeat. I've tried over and over, but no dice. But, since I am the one who gets to feel the movement of our baby, I think I have it best.

I measured in at 36 weeks which freaked me out! Kristen said that the baby has dropped and it is normal to measure smaller. Phew! I am so over 36 weeks! I do believe I am perfecting "the waddle" in which case her dropping prognosis is right on. The baby felt great to her and is good to go. Hint, hint baby...

We talked about what we are doing with the kids when I am in labor, about the birthing supplies, about labor itself, the size of the baby.... I can't believe it is almost here. Truly, this weekend would be wonderful. But so unlikely. I usually go full term; I am good with that because it is good for the baby. Before Christmas would be lovely though. Time will tell...

Bet you all are getting sick of hearing about the baby!
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