Some days I just fail. Like today, for example. Impatient, snappy, tired. Add onto that, the amount of Braxton Hicks I've had leads me to believe they are straight from the Devil.

Today is not one of my shining moments.

While talking to Daniel this morning he asked how I was doing, and my answer to him at 10:30 was: "Shouldn't this day be over already?"

My kids deserve so much better than they are getting from me today. I'm digging deep, but it's just not deep enough. Sweet Judah asks me: "Okay, Mama?" I love that boy. But today I'm really not okay. Maybe tomorrow.

And Eve wonders why I keep talking to myself. But, I'm just praying. Praying for patience, for grace, for wisdom. And maybe reminding God just how done I am with being pregnant.

We all fail, don't we? We all have some days that just rot. We become the mothers or perhaps friends that we loathe. But God's grace is new every morning, He doesn't stop loving me because I'm acting ugly. Even though I seem to take those feeling upon myself, they are not true.

So, I'm going stand up, brush myself off and hope to have a great evening with my kids and husband. Perhaps tomorrow I will be okay - all day.
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