The Hair
Just for a little background on me: my training is in hairdressing; I was trained as a Colorist, to be more precise. I went through vocational school, during high school, and actually lived to tell about it! After graduating I got a job at this amazing salon. When I say amazing, I mean amazing. This place will knock your socks off. Seriously. I loved working there; it really was one of the best times of my life. But, then I met Daniel and I realized I couldn't breathe with out him. So, off I went to Alaska where I traded in color, fashion, great haircuts and fantastic friends for a huge moose living in my side yard, snow, domestic life, snow, hot water in the toilet(!), gorgeous mountains, LOVE, and a lot more snow. The snow really was out of control.

Now, I have a daughter. A daughter with a lot of hair - really gorgeous hair that has never been cut (except for her bangs which are now grown out). But, a girl can only grow her hair for so long before it starts to get a little crazy. Right now Eve's hair is wild - it really needs something. But what? I should know the answer to this question, it's just that when it comes to Eve's hair I am a little bit sentimental. I'll probably cry when the scissors come within a mile's proximity.

So, do you have any suggestions? A trim, a cute bob (sob!), layers, nothing?

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