Daniel pointed out a sign today at the health food store that boasted:

" Has a delicious nutty flavor" and said:

" Hey Honey! They're talking about you. You're a little nutty!"

So, yeah, I am a little nutty and here's why- I actually look forward to going to bed with my newborn, knowing that she's going to wake me up in approximately two hours, three if I am lucky, to nurse. And I can't wait! We leave the closet light on so I can barely see... and what I see are beautiful eyes looking up into my face with a little tongue that is going a million miles a minute in anticipation. I love snuggling her body close to mine feeling her relax, listening to sweet happy baby sounds.

So call me nutty, call me crazy but I love the night. Sure, I am tired every day but these moments with my tiny baby girl are so fleeting.
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