I had another prenatal visit yesterday morning... You know, I am so over them. They aren't even exciting anymore, just simply a reminder that I haven't had the baby yet. During the visit I received some highly disturbing information. Apparently my belly has gone from measuring in at thirty-six centimeters to thirty-eight centimeters in one week! One week! I almost croaked. I am so thankful I have zero propensity for stretch marks because otherwise.....

Our baby is doing good, and according to the information above it has no qualms about growing. Me... I'm uncomfortable. I can't bend over anymore, my knees hit my belly when I walk up the stairs from doing laundry, turning over in bed unassisted-Ha!, on and on it goes. But, this is all typical end of pregnancy stuff and it's okay. I could have complications like high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia, or gestational diabetes. But I don't. I have a perfectly healthy pregnancy; all I have to deal with is the typical aches and pains. So, I am thankful for each day this baby grows in my womb, I enjoy each night I sleep for hours on end, and I enjoy being able to run an errand or two without having to think about a nursing schedule. Those changes will be here soon enough. When they are, I will be thankful that I can bend over with ease, and take the steps two at a time, that I can sleep on my stomach, and hug my kids tight.

Really, it's all just perspective.
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