My Chimes

I know, I know. I'm writing about chimes...boring. But, with me it's the little things. Always has been, always will be.
I bought and hung these chimes not long after we moved into this little home. I bought them specifically for their sound yet also because the red wood at the bottom was weather-proof. If only my heart could have been just as weather-proofed. I haven't touched them in years, but today as I was about to take their picture I noticed a black spot. My fingers gently brushed it away. There can be no black spot on my beloved chimes.

The song these hollow metal rods sing is beautiful to my ears. Not too high, not too low. Just perfect. They have sung to me these long three, almost four years. They have sung whether I was happy or sad, in the good times or in the bad times; the song never changed. Though it does increase in intensity with the wind of Fall and Winter, and becomes gentle and quiet in the breezes of Summer, wavers between gentle and wild in Spring, the song is always the same. How I wish I could always have had my song stay the same these last hard years. Always believing that God knew what I needed, what was best, that He loved me, that He was always close. But, my song changed with the wind. How I wished I could have been beautiful and unchangeable, letting the winds of change toss me around but having my song - my beliefs never be moved.

When it comes time to leave our little house this Spring I will gently pack my chimes away, making sure to hang them at our new home the soonest moment I can. I only hope I will have learned a good lesson from my chimes. That I will hear the gentle reminder they sing to me from my porch.... " Always believe that God is for you, Andrea. Let the winds of change toss you where they will, but always keep your heart the same. He is a good God"
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