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** Wow! I can't even tell you how much fun Daniel and I have had going over the names you all suggested! I love it! You gave us some really great ones to mull over.... I feel such great responsibility with the naming of our child, but it's also so much fun and you gave us some names I never would have thought of! Thanks to all who gave us suggestions! I love that some of you are name fanatics like me!

Daniel looked at me Monday night and said:

" We just get worse at this with every child, don't we."

A name. We need a name.... this child needs a name or at least options. Poor Judah didn't have a name for two days. We called him....wait for it... "Baby." Original don't you think?

I have no desire to repeat that scenario with this child. I am a namer - I've named everything. Our cars, our Thanksgiving turkey, our computer, on and on ....Eve named our house, so apparently I've handed that trait down. It goes against my grain to not have a name, especially for my child.

With Eve and Judah we went with biblical names, but this time I have been craving the classic, rarely used, but not weird names. I adore the name "Vivian" and I really thought Daniel was good with that, but he told me Monday he just can't do it. So, that's out. We both really like the name "Eleanor". Daniel is mulling that one over he said. That at least shows some promise. "Eleanor" was my great-grandmothers name and I know it sounds archaic, but the more I let my mind think about it the more I really like it.
My favorite name is "Eliza" but it's not going real far with Daniel. I can just see a little girl with curls like me, a little turned up nose like Eve's, and big blue eyes bouncing around our house. The problem is that I would have to give the middle name "Jane" which I don't really love. It would just be wrong to go and have a "Liza" without the "Jane." (Thanks a lot Vince Gill! But, it's okay I still love you...)
I also adore the name "Violet." I tried for that one when I was pregnant with Judah, but no dice. And then Jennifer Garner went and named her daughter that. Judah was suppose to be "Moses" but Wow! was he just not a Moses. Gwyenth Paltrow went and used that one. I don't understand why these people don't clear their children's names through me first! I mean, C'mon!

I know growing up I had a looong list of names for my future children. I just can't find that list anymore.... I think my mom stole it so she'd never have to hear any of those names being used for her grandchildren.

Will you help us get the creative juices flowing? We like names that are considered fairly normal, not hard to spell, not modern, and easy to say. Oh, and boy names are good too but I'm pretty sure we have one nailed down.

Besides, I will be shocked if this baby is a boy.... but that would be nothing new, right Mom?

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