I know, not posting for days is so unlike me. But, if you had an Eliza to wake up to each morning you would understand. She is amazing; so delicate and fine. She has the sweetest raspy little voice I have ever heard and her dimples completely melt my heart.
She is true a miracle - a miracle I worked really hard to get into my arms. It is amazing how quickly I have let the remembrance of labor go this time. Don't get me wrong... I can recall it all perfectly, but it doesn't matter anymore. When I look at her I don't remember the pain and exhaustion, I just see my gorgeous baby girl.

Today, my early morning hours were spent looking into beautiful dark murky newborn eyes that stared back into mine; little smiles were given, whispered words of love and adoration spoken into delicate ears, tiny kisses sprinkled on unimaginably soft, lavender scented skin and then I watched my sweet Eliza drift to sleep curled in my arms.

She is my distraction; you'll have to forgive me.
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