The "Big" Stud

So, I might have had a minor nervous breakdown Sunday night. Might have.

Okay, I definitely did.

It all started from the hamburger I used for dinner - it tasted really funny. And after just having food poisoning I kind of flipped out a bit. I ended up sobbing on the bed, feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders.

Not that I am ever dramatic or anything.

So there I am with my hyperventilating sobs while Daniel tries to comfort me. Then I heard the words:

"Clearing schedule... take leave... I'll be home to help."

Whoa! People, this is a minor miracle! Daniel has sixty-six days of vacation time right now because it is so hard to actually take time off in this job. Starting tomorrow I get to have my husband home with me for at least a week, and depending on when this this child in my womb decides to show it's face, perhaps more. I am thrilled!

My hyperventilating eventually stopped and I made another dinner for my family. My heart felt a little less in turmoil, and the list in my head of things to get done seemed much more manageable. Thank God for a good husband.

Perhaps I should pull out the tears more often...

Just kidding!
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