Eve and Eliza
Eve had asked Daniel and me awhile ago if she could watch the baby being born. I wasn't exactly for it since I felt it might be a bit stressful for her, but Daniel thought she'd do fine. We talked it over and agreed that Eve could be with us for the part where the baby was about to be birthed, as long as someone was with her and able to take her from the room if it became too much.
Those last few minutes before Eliza were born were really intense for me, but I do remember a couple of specifics - the new morning sun shining in my face making me feel as if I really could birth this baby, and I remember seeing Eve's face.
I am thankful she was able to witness her sister's birth, I am thankful I could see her face when she realized that we had a girl, and I am thankful that I will always have the memory of her being with me and Daniel.

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