Flowers from My Beloved
Flowers from Daniel after I had Eliza

Daniel doesn't bring me flowers very often and quite frankly, he finds doing those type of romantic gestures kind of hard.

We've had discussions about this, you know.

At first I have to say I was disappointed that he wasn't that kind of man. The kind that is always thinking of ways to knock a woman's socks off... flowers, vacations, chocolates, sappy cards. I would get frustrated and feel jipped that he didn't think of these fantastic ways of showing me his love. But then I calmed down after a couple of years and settled into loving who Daniel is. I made a study of my husband and found out the ways he shows his love. And what I found knocked my socks off.

He is smart - I know I can ask him any number of hard questions and he'll either know the answer or he finds it out. He is devoted to me - he comes home as soon as he can every night. He doesn't go anywhere else... he just comes home. And he dives right into helping me out. He doesn't think about how tired he is from work or whether he deserves to have a break, he just makes it all about me. He is openly affectionate - he loves me with his words and his arms. I never feel unloved. So though he may not bring me home flowers, he does my dishes and vacuums the floors; he makes keeping the house as clean as I like it to be a priority because he knows it is important to me.

I love knowing him intimately. And because I do, I can see the ways he loves me clearly without the flowers and chocolates.

Daniel loves me with his whole heart... could I really ask for anything more?
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