Look! I'm a red head again... Daniel is my hero colorist.

Sigh.... I wish I had more exciting news for you about yesterday, but I don't. We just had a busy day. Daniel colored my hair, and then Eve had her first haircut. It nearly killed me and Daniel. Snipping away her sweet blond baby hair was really, really hard for me. I took off about three inches because I couldn't handle any more. I totally appreciated all your suggestions and seriously thought about each different one. Eve requested that we not cut it short, and Daniel gave me sad puppy dog eyes when I talked about even trimming it, so you can see the decision to simply trim was already made for me.

Before the trim

After the trim

Then we, like the crazy people we are, went shopping at Costco. I knew our area was expected to get a big storm today and I wanted to make sure our water supply was stocked up. But, seriously, who can leave Costco with just water? Apparently not me. The kids had fun looking at all the "Frosty" and charmed nearly every passerby. We always have a blast at Costco - I'm positive they put something in the air system there.

Later in the evening, after I had successfully ruined a batch of homemade eggnog (which is totally gross if you've never done that before!), we went to a live nativity with the kids and some friends. It was like ten degrees out! It was SO cold, but fun. Afterwards we went back to Sam and Tarrah's house for Christmas cookies, hummus and veggies, pound cake with raspberries and whipped cream, successfully not ruined spiked eggnog, and some great company.

So, you can see we had a busy day. I have had a lot of regular Braxton Hicks the last three days but so far they haven't turned into anything serious. And hopefully I won't go into labor today since we are getting inundated with snow. I'm not so sure my midwife could even get here because of the storm. That would be classic, wouldn't it. Even though I believe Daniel could handle the birth, I would be totally freaked out! It sure would make for a good story though. I just hope it doesn't end up that way. I'm so not into that whole unassisted birth thing!

Although you can't tell here, Daniel is super thrilled because the snowplow just went by and buried the driveway the exact moment he had finished clearing it. Timing is everything.

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