About that list....
Remember how I was so excited about the list of our base "choices"? Well, the list came out today. Yay! Not.

Here are our "choices":

Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota

Minot AFB, North Dakota

Mountain Home AFB, Idaho

Cannon AFB, New Mexico

McGuire AFB, New Jersey

I try and be optimistic about life as a whole, though some times are harder than others. This is one of those really hard times for me. I had hopes of a moderate climate, with a great city near by where I could take Eve to the symphony, have good shopping - a Whole Foods near by, perhaps, and a generally great place to live.

Oh, that sound you hear.... it's my dreams dying.

Okay, all you military people, tell me why I should love these places. Good luck.

The Air Force will let us know in a month where they will be sending us.

p.s. I'll chipper up soon - I'm still processing....
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