A Discovery!
I discovered something yesterday.... it was amazing. And it made me ever so happy. I was looking in the mirror - with clothes on - and I decided to check out my tummy.... to see if it was decreasing in size. You know you've done that too - don't even pretend you haven't. And I noticed that I have a waist. A waist! That part of my body that curves in - it's above my hips. Holy cow! I haven't had a waist in so stinkin' long. I had forgotten that I could even have one anymore! Of course, my tummy is still pouchy and when I bend over there is a roll BUT I have a waist. I am thrilled! Can you tell?

But I am not so thrilled that my major sweet tooth is getting denied. Since I choose not to eat dairy, chocolate or drink coffee when nursing, at least for the first few months, that cuts out a whole lot of my daily intake of food. Like we're talking major food groups here. Sure, it's good for weight loss and my baby has a much easier time with digestion but..... I sure miss chocolate and my steaming cup of coffee with loads of honey and milk. Let's not even venture into the cheese missing because I might cry.

But as Daniel says: "All for love, baby. All for love"
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