Pictures (Titles are not my strong point)
I don't know if you already know this, but in the case that you were unaware, please let me enlighten you... the breath of a baby one week and one day old is the sweetest smell on God's green earth.

"Does anyone notice that I have my eyes open?! Oh, and if you find my eyelashes or my eyebrows anywhere could you kindly give them back to me. I seem to have misplaced them."

Judah gave me the window of .45 second in which to take his picture with Eliza before saying: "Ahhh done, Mama!" and quickly exiting the scene.

I'm still flabbergasted that it took me a week to get a bow on Eliza's head. I adore baby girls with a bow... it completes my girl. I wish I had a box full of them; since I have just this one (for now) you can bet her outfits will be rotating around this bow's certain shade of pink.
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