Using Words
Grumpy Eve

Eve has been a leeeeetle bit, shall we say, grumpy lately. I've seen a lot of grumpy faces, some sulking, and a bit of an attitude in the last week or so. This is so unlike my happy girl. But, we did just have a major life change so it is understandable. Last night Daniel and I sat down and had a talk with her. The faces, and general grumpiness needed to stop. We explained to her that it was okay to be grumpy, and it's okay to be mad or sad. We all feel this things at some point. But she needed to use words to tell us how she was feeling. We were thorough in our talk but left her room wondering if any of it got through to her.

Today I heard this from her after she was denied getting to do something she wanted to do:

"Mama, I'm having a rough day."

I gently corrected her saying that she was actually not having a rough day, she just didn't like to hear the word "no".

"But Mama, I really am having a tough day."

At least it was words, right?

Later she gave me one of her grumpy faces. I reminded her to use words. She came back into the livingroom a minute later and said:

"Mama, I'm feeling sad"

Yay! So much better! We could talk and I could empathize.

And a few more minutes later I hear her say:

"Mi-Mi, I'm feeling funny!"

Leaps and bounds in the right direction!

I think it is an important skill to teach my kids - using words. It will serve them well in their growing up and adult years. We want our kids to always be able to talk to us, and creating those communication skills and relationship starts now.

All I've heard from Judah today is:

"Ahshew, Mama" followed by a thumb sucking snuggle on my leg.

Translated: Love you, Mama
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