Like the Wind
When Eve was born I was walloped with reality. It's invasion was swift, sincere, and hasn't taken leave yet. When Judah was born I had a fairly smooth time transitioning from one child to two. The reality of having a child to take care of was already a deeply ingrained way of life. Sure, I had my moments, like taking them out for the first, second, and third times alone. I remember staring at the cart, after I had put Eve in the seat and hooked Judah's carrier on, and wondering where I was going to put the groceries. You know, those silly, pesky things I had hauled us to the store to get. There was absolutely no room left! Thankfully I learned quickly how to "do two" and life just flowed. But let me tell you- this having three kids thing is kickin' my butt! The actual having three kids isn't hard - it's all the work that comes along with them. I would say, as a safe estimate, that my work load has multiplied itself by five times. And I'm probably estimating low. I think about what I'd like to get done for the day and then I just laugh, knowing there is no way it will ever happen. I can't seem to get a stinkin' productive thing done!
Can I be very frank with you? Good, I'm glad I can be.....I showered today. What a miracle! I don't know when that lovely time of pure joy will happen again but I sure enjoyed every water drop. It's hit or miss lately. And I've mostly been missing. But my kids are fed, clothed in clean clothes, teeth are brushed, bodies are washed, and they are all around happy. My house is generally clean - just don't inspect the corners or my baseboards because I can guarantee they will be dirty. And my plants - my poor, poor plants - I can only keep so many things alive.
Priorities people, priorities.
And as long as we are discussing miracles, I had another one happen today at precisely 3:30 pm. A sweet girl walked into my house and played with my kids for two hours. And she's coming twice a week from here on out. I'm thrilled, to say the least. I needed this very much. I am so happy knowing I can get some around the house chores accomplished while my kids are having fun and being well taken care.

I had a moment of reflection as I sat in my chair at dinner tonight. I looked around at my family and thought about my life; my hectic, dirty, loud, filled to the brim, oh so good life. There are days I don't know how I am going to survive but I do. I just think about the many old women who tell me these are the good days while their soft memory-filled eyes look upon my children. And I try to take those words to heart, because someday I hope to trade these tired, worn-out eyes for those soft, memory-filled ones.

Young mothers, let's not waste a moment in this day, I'm told they fly like the wind.

Fishy kisses
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