Girls, Pearls, and Good-Byes
Eve and Ginger

Every girl must have a pair of pearl earrings. This according to our special friend Ginger. Eve didn't have a pair yet, but Ginger took care of that on Friday. I think they suit her just perfectly.

After spending time with Ginger on Friday I realized how difficult it was going to be to say good-bye to her. And it's not just her, it's this group of people I have built my life around for four years.
I am very much a people person - I don't care so much for "stuff" - but people, I love people. I enjoy building relationships with everyone from my neighbors to the librarian to the people who check me out at the health food store. I work very hard at building good, strong relations with all I come into contact with whether it be on a regular basis or not. Take for instance the guy we buy raspberries from every summer, he remembers me and I only see him once a year. That type of thing is so important to me. But it sure makes the leaving difficult.
I am going to miss this great network of people I have in my life. I know I will have the opportunity to start over again in New Mexico, but it's the in between that's hard. I like that people know me, that they remember me. But mostly I like that I remember them. Though no one will know me when I get to New Mexico, hopefully it won't take long. I do have the red hair working in my favor. Nobody forgets the red hair... It sure makes it hard to get away with anything!
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