Holiday Inn Express Review
The Holiday Inn Express was our landing place this weekend. Daniel and I had decided to wing it with our vacation - this meant no hotel reservations or any big plans. After a long day of driving and hanging out with old friends, we drove into Manchester, New Hampshire at about ten o'clock on Friday night. First we headed toward the Fairfield Inn, we have stayed there before were satisfied. Unfortunately the outward appearance of the Fairfield Inn was less than desirable - somewhat old and run down looking- we decided to not even go inside. Right next to the Fairfield was a Holiday Inn Express. This hotel had a nice updated outward appearance. Daniel went in to check on rates, he found they were 95 dollars a night for a king sized bed in a non-smoking room. Daniel also asked about a military discount and was told that it was a pathetic two dollars. That was pretty sad and frustrating for him.

After checking in we headed to our room. I must say we were rather pleased with the initial walk-in. First off, the room didn't smell musty or dirty. I can't say as it had a pleasant smell, just that it didn't have a smell. I was really happy about that. The second thing I noticed about the room was the bed. It was sharply made. A simple white comforter, with a blue blanket folded at the bottom, over really beautiful, high quality white sheets. The pillows were lined up and labeled soft or firm. The room itself was of an average size, not too small , but not large either. It was comfortable for two people. If we had brought Eve and Judah along the room would have been quite crowded, but with just the baby it was fine.
Next I noticed the heater - silly I know, but I have a pet peeve about heaters. I hate that they blow all the warm air up into the curtains! This one had a shield that directed the air out into the room. Again, I was very happy. It's the small things, you know.

Next up was the bathroom; I always have to check out the bathroom. I loved this room's bathroom! It was bright, clean, and well kept. The decorating in the whole room, but especially the bathroom, was contemporary. Beautiful white towels, fantastic bath curtain, clean shower, nice toiletries and a big marble sink. When I took a shower later in our visit, I found that the shower head was awesome! I hate a wimpy shower.

Sleeping on the bed was comfortable. It wasn't fantastic but I had a good night's sleep. I really enjoyed that it all felt clean, that the sheets smelled pleasant, and the bedding was simple and easy to deal with.

The next morning Daniel headed to the fitness room. To say he was disappointed would be an understatement. He was downright disgruntled. The fitness room was the size of a closet, and with very little equipment. It also had huge windows that opened to the hallway - I wouldn't have wanted to work out while on display to the entire hotel. The pool, located right next to the fitness room, was also very tiny. It was passable but very crowded.

The continental style breakfast provided was a give and take. Fake, foamy eggs and fake cheese. Very small to-go coffee cups, as in 4 ozs. But the room to eat in was beautiful - big and bright with nice furnishings.
Daniel got his food to take in the car, but had we eaten breakfast in the dining room, we would have been quite comfortable.

Lastly, the hotel staff was very professional. The front desk checked us in and out quickly and efficiently; the ladies there smiled and were generally nice to deal with.
Our room maid was also excellent. She made our bed - standard - but she also made up Eliza's pack and play. She lined up all the toiletries I had put by the sink onto a folded towel for me. I admit, her touching my toothbrush bothered me immensely, but otherwise it was a nice gesture. I felt like we came back into a very clean room at the end of the day.

Overall, I would definitely stay in a Holiday Inn Express again. I enjoyed the cleanliness, the contemporary feel, and the free wireless. We were generally very happy with our visit. The next time we need a hotel I am sure we will head right for a Holiday Inn Express. And with us driving from Vermont to New Mexico, this will be quite soon!
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