There is Coffee to be Won!!
As many of you know our little family is about to make a huge move. Moving from Vermont to New Mexico. In three weeks. My knees are shaking, my hands are clamming, my heart is having strange palpitations. I am so nervous! I shouldn't be, I moved from New York to Alaska after all, but this is my first big move with kids.

Here's the deal: I need some ingenious moving tips. And this is where you come in. You ingenious people, you!

I am going to open up this contest from today through Tuesday, March 25th. Wednesday morning I will pick the winner.

You give me your best moving, traveling with children, or settling in tip.

And I give you this:

A pound of locally roasted Vermont Maple Creme flavored Columbia coffee. You should smell this coffee.... absolute HEAVEN! It's ready and waiting to be mailed to the one whose tip I pick as the most ingenious. I will mail it to anywhere in the world.

Bring on those tips!
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