I have a bit of beef to pick with some adults. Not every adult, mind you but most. It irritates me to my very core as a mother. Here's the deal:

I have three children, right. I have a beautiful four-year-old girl, a handsome and very studly two-year-old boy, and a gorgeous three-month-old baby.

Why is it that most adults only see the nearly five year old and the baby? Why is it my son, the vivacious handsome and incredibly sweet two year old is practically invisible to them. He loves to talk and enjoys being included in conversations. Why do they pass over him with barely any acknowledgment?

They chat up Eve with "How old are you?" and " Are you a good big sister?" or "Look at that hair!"

They ooh and awww over Eliza, kissing her head, rubbing her arms, generally making a fuss. But when it comes to Judah it's like he isn't even there.

Can you tell I'm peeved?

There are some people in my life who are completely wonderful with him. But they are in the minority, and I just don't understand. He is so sweet. If they would only stop and get down to his level they could see that.

Sigh.... I wish I could make them see him the way I see him. He's a sweet, sweet boy.
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