And the Winner is....
Anna from "One Day at a Time..."

I loved her idea about the shoe boxes for the kids. I am definitely going to do this - it completely satisfies my sentimental side. It was creative, thoughtful, and very practical.


There really were an amazing amount of incredible ideas. You all made such a difference in my outlook, now I feel like I have many more ideas that will help to make this as smooth and easy as possible. I can't thank each of you enough for your particiaption. You blew me away!!

Soooo... That being said, there are a few runners up:

Sarah from "smack dab in the middle of life" for her awesome tip on a "first night" box. Amazing advice!

Megan at "Life Every Day" for her great "boo-hoo gift" idea. Loved that.

And Heather from "Running From the Little People" for her idea to pack a bag of the toys that my kids hold most dear. Such great, thoughtful advice.

These three people will have their choice of either a half pound of coffee or a container of Vermont maple syrup. (I'd choose the syrup, personally.)

All my winners, please e-mail me with your addresses as well as letting me know your choice of prize. I actually can't get into my e-mail right now but will be able to after the weekend.

Again, thank you all SO much!
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