I am the happiest girl. Seriously. Take a look at this:

Yup, a chocolate bar. MY chocolate bar. Do you know how stinkin' long it's been since I have been able to eat chocolate in this fashion? Actually I don't know either, but I do know it's been a LONG time. Pretty much every bar has refined sugar in it, and I choose not to eat that even as much as I love chocolate.

I had seen this brand of chocolate in my co-op book a few months ago. But, I am so untrusting, I needed to have the bar in my hand and be able to read the ingredients myself before I would buy it. Not to mention I would've had to buy like 12 of them from the co-op, and that is too much money to take a gamble on in my opinion.

Yesterday I was in Wegmans picking up a few things when I went by the chocolate section. I always stop and look because I am an insufferable optimist; my eyes spied this chocolate, I checked the ingredients, and determined it was MINE!

Then I tasted it. My life is complete. I am in love. It is incredible. I care about nothing else. Okay, that's a lie. But seriously, thank God for the internet because I will be buying this chocolate on a regular basis. A very regular basis.

Haven't I read somewhere that chocolate is good for me? Something about my heart's health, right?

Yeah, we'll go with that....

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