And we're in... Well, almost

This was an incredibly long day. We have all our stuff in the house. I am whooped. The end.

Alright, alright, details...

Getting up at 6:30 a.m. - yuck. I am not a morning person. Have I ever mentioned that? But I scraped my body out of bed and off to the races we went.

The "mover in people" sucked. Incredibly unprofessional. I was very displeased. They dropped boxes filled with dishes, my vacuum cleaner, and other various boxes; they played with Daniel's Tae Kwon Do items, they smoked very close to my children, and couldn't follow simple instructions. Mad? No. MAD, yes.

Judah and Eliza took a three hour nap this afternoon. Hallelujah. My brain was fried, I was physically exhausted - I was done-in. It was so nice to still have our TLF room to bring the kids back to for naps. Believe me when I say, they needed it. Five minutes before Judah crashed he was on the sidewalk in front of our building having a complete meltdown. Sitting there, kicking his legs, screaming, and crying. It was a delight. I scooped that poor child up and off to bed he went. He was goooone within two minutes.
While I was letting the kids sleep Daniel was back at the house putting together all the beds and the kitchen table. He helped the people that had just PCSed in from Japan load our extra queen bed into their vehicle (The woman is 8 months pregnant. And was going to be sleeping on the floor. I could not, in good conscience, not offer her our extra bed. Even though I had known them for a total of three minutes. Wouldn't you do the same?) And he rearranged. That Daniel - he's a good man.

Oh, and I only had to turn around twice on my way back to base. Once because I missed a left turn, and the other time because I missed.... the base. Okay, that seems a lot worse written out then it was was when it happened. HEY! It was my first time driving it!

It rained tonight. IT RAINED TONIGHT!! It's been sunny and dry every day since we arrived in New Mexico. The farmers have been praying for rain, and tonight they got it. Not enough, I am sure, but it was something. Lots of lightening and thunder, a little sleet, and rain. Blessed rain. Even I had missed it.

The sky tonight was absolutely, completely stunning. We had a 360 degree view and what we saw was amazing. There was black sky with lightening; a sunset; a complete double rainbow; bright blue sky with puffy white clouds; and rain. All at once. I feel blessed to live here - to get to experience life in New Mexico.

Tonight is our last night in TLF. Eve asked if we would "never be coming back here again." Apparently to her, we've worn out our welcome. I didn't think it was that bad. But I am ready to have a home again.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, we love you, tomorrow! You're only a day away.

Because there's nothing that says "Beautiful" quite like a picture of a rainbow with power lines running through it.
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