Today was our first day at the house. It was pretty good - a little rough around the edges, but good. We played the game I hate. It's called:" Is what I need in this box? Nope. How about this box? Nope." On and on, all day long. We also played the "walk in circles around the room, trying to remember where the heck you put 'whatever' ." Good exercise, but frustrating. Plus, you just look plain silly.
As far as unpacking goes I, personally, like to conquer each room promptly. With three small children, a husband, various cable men, and general chaos, it took a lot longer to accomplish anything. But, the kitchen is almost complete! Yay! Once that is done, I will breathe a huge sigh of relief.

On another note, this is Eliza's first night in her own room. I am so sad! Like really, really sad. I know, I'll get over it but still. She's my baby. And I liked hearing her deep, sweet breaths each night.

Tomorrow.... The bedrooms. They don't stand a chance.

So, you want to hear about something other than moving?

Um, I'll work on that.
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