To paint or not to piant....
Military housing is notorious for having white walls. My new home is in keeping with normal military housing - the walls are white, bright, and glowing. I know a lot of people think white walls are perfect, completely wonderful, and the way it should be. But not me.
I am ALL about color. I adore color (HELLO, my hair!), it brings spice to life. It makes a house feel like a home - warm, lived in, inviting. And sunglasses aren't required because there is no glow.

Here is my issue: Do we leave the walls of our new home white or do we paint them.

It's nice to have the option to paint. In fact if bright purple struck my fancy, we could paint bright purple. But no matter the color we choose, we are required to paint the walls back to white before we move.

That requirement is somewhat detrimental to me painting, indeed. I wonder if I will feel up to re-painting in the midst of moving. I really hate white walls. But do I hate them enough?

So, what do you think... paint or no paint?

Perhaps I should just decorate with REALLY LARGE PICTURES. I think I'll start with this one...Ha!

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