Come, walk with me....
Wow! It's Sunday again! How did that happen? I kept having to ask Tarrah, all week long, what day it was when I was talking to her. It was totally ridiculous!

Want to walk with me again? It might be a little boring this week - I have no pictures because I don't have my normal camera resources. Plus, I'm feeling a bit uninspired. Sorry, my friends.

Monday, Monday... Let me see if I can remember Monday. I know - I went into the city and visited the health food store. It was FUN! I found these delicious rice cakes

I love the Mother's brand cereal - the peanut butter bumpers are my favorite but I like the graham bumpers a lot too. What I actually went there to buy was our zinc and probiotic along with some easy snacks for the airplane ride.
The kids did good in the store- Judah didn't grab anything from the shelves while he was in the cart, which is highly unusual! I bought some big oatmeal raisin cookies that were fruit juice sweetened and made with whole wheat flour, so those along with a fruit leather was the kids lunch. They loved it - it was fun to do something special like that!
Did I mention that Monday was super hot? Wow - I nearly fried my tush off every time I got in the car that day!
The kids had a great day - we rode on the horsey swings - the very same ones I played on as a little girl. We visited the apartment Daniel lived in when he and I first met. And wandered around the Bible college I grew up next to.
Later that evening we went over to a family friend's house, my mom occasionally works for this woman in her custom curtain making business. She does incredible work! Anyways, she generously let me look through her leftover fabric - Oh, the gorgeousness abounded! It was so fun to pick out the fabric for curtains in my new house. I am thankful for a mother who knows how to sew beautifully, and for thoughtful friends!

Tuesday was such a freakin' long day. By the time I collapsed into bed I felt like I had been awake forever. I was exhausted! It was full of packing, chasing after children, cleaning, running last minute errands... ugg! I was done in. I knew I was going to have to be up at 0'dark-thirty the next morning and that was such a thrilling thought. But, I survived, and thankfully I got most everything I needed to have done that day so I didn't have much to do the next morning. My mom was a HUGE help!

Wednesday... that day dawned much too early for my liking! I am NOT a morning person. I'm not really a night person either, come to think of it. I'm more of a late morning/early afternoon person, but all of this is besides the point. I scraped the kids out of bed, mom fed them pancakes, I dressed them, and off we went to the airport! They were sooo excited to "move to Pizza" and to see Daddy. I was feeling quite sad and nervous about all I knew was coming. Oh, to be a child again and feel only excitement! To not know.
Well, you all know that the plane ride went well, we arrived in Albuquerque just fine and had a fun time hanging out with Daniel that night.
We even had entertainment! There were four baby bunnies that hung out by our TLF house - they were so stinkin' cute! They would chase each other around the yard a million miles an hour, nipping at each other, rolling around, jumping up in the air - the kids had a BLAST watching them! We all laughed our heads off at their antics. It was great to just be. You know?

Thursday is better known as "the day of shopping." We went to Target for summer clothes, and shoes, Costco for supplies - you know the stuff I have been using to keep our life going for four years, and then to Whole Foods because I needed stock up on the basics. We arrived in our new hometown about 6 o'clock that evening. It was somewhat surreal - I felt like I was living someone else's life. It was weird. Really weird. I couldn't believe that I was actually in a totally different part of the country - two hours behind my "normal" time - and I was going to live there. Like for years. And it only seemed to get harder to believe as the night progressed, to be perfectly honest. Thankfully, I adjust quickly. I hate change but once I adjust, I'm good.

Friday was spent looking at a gazillion houses - it was hot, seven people were squished in our van, Judah and Eve were miserable because they weren't at the playground, and I had a headache. It was a carnival ride. But, by that afternoon we had in our hands a list of houses to choose from, so it was good. We ended the day with ice cream - extra good! I dropped into bed at 9:30... unbelievable! I am more of a 11:30 or 12 kind of girl.

Saturday -we've been over this already. I forgot Eve's birthday. Yeah, smooth move, huh. Oh well, I got over it. I tried to make the day as special as I could. Daniel and I took Eve into town for some birthday balloons, and cake supplies. She had asked for coconut cake so I needed to pick up a few things. We went to Lowe's to find a birthday rose bush, but there was none that suited her fancy. She wanted a red one, but there were no mini-rose bushes in red. We were bummed!
Back at TLF "Gi-Gi" - my dad - took the kids to the playground while I made the cake and my mom made dinner. Eve asked for "Bubble and Squeak." Brownie points for anyone who knows what that meal is!! The funny part is that Eve calls it "bubble and screamin'." That girl cracks me up! Yummy food, yummy cake! It was a good night.
Eve kept asking us all day long if she was "really five" if she was still going to be five tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day.... It was cute. I think it was because we celebrated her birthday so many times that she needed to know it was real this time.

Today... was COLD!! It only got into the 50's! Can you believe it? Church was good - they had a really nice room for mother's and babies, and their child care was incredible. We enjoyed it. I think we'll go back next week, we'll see.
This afternoon was terrifically relaxing. We needed that. Daniel and I had some time alone.... while washing and vacuuming out the van. Hey, at this point in our lives, we'll take whatever we can get! Later the kids played at the playground, discovered some Dove bird eggs in a nest (Eve wanted to eat them! She thought they were the eating kind!) and generally had fun. I am loving that they are adjusting so well. Eve did cry for a couple of minutes today, saying she missed our red house. I told her I did too. It was hard to see her sad. She was fine within 10 minutes. If only I could be the same way.
Unfortunately I discovered, after dinner, that I have turned into a crazy woman! I am totally out of control. I am not even understanding myself. I saw a couple walk by, heading to the laundry building. They were our age, the woman was pregnant. I had seen them earlier but didn't have a chance to talk with them. So, what did I do? I grabbed some of the laundry I had been meaning to wash all day, and headed over to the laundry building.

I know!! I am a crazy woman!

I needed to know if they were coming (prospective friend) or going (give me information about this place, please!!).

I found out that they had just arrived, from Yokota AFB, Japan. Whew! What a change this is for them. Almost as bad as the people I took cut-up fruit to last night - they had just arrived from Mildenhall AFB, England.
Anyways, I feel almost desperate for the camaraderie that comes with being a military wife, but I am also feeling a little lost. I don't have any friends here. No one to share life with. I don't know a soul! But, here is where the crazy part comes in... I feel mad when I think about having to make new friends. Because I had perfectly wonderful friends in Vermont. I don't want new friends! I want my old friends back.

So, now you know my deep, dark secret. I'm a confused, mad, desperate, friendless woman.

Crap! Probably YOU won't want to be my friend now! Please, be my friend still. Usually I am very good at keeping the crazy in check.

All that being said, I think I am seeing a need that I can meet. TLF can be a hard spot to be in. Especially when you are just coming in from overseas, and even when it is a state-side move. You know no one, you're tired, probably sad, and most likely hungry. I've got thoughts and ideas swishing around in my brain about a hot, homemade meal brought to newcomers.... We'll see. I haven't really let my mind be thorough in the thought process yet. But what do you think? A good idea, or not so much?

Well, thanks for walking with me again. Next week? Same time, same place?
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