Wordless Wednesday with a Twist: Self-Portrait

This weeks theme for Wordless Wednesday with a Twist is "Self-Portrait." Oh, the joy.
I haven't been able to participate in this fun Wednesday activity because of moving and the implosion of my life therof. But, today, there was no excuse.
Either I am really brave or really stupid, because I took these pictures first thing in the morning. Just rolling out of bed. The sunset ones didn't pan out, much to my chagrin.
Oh, and the cherry on the cake.... no Photoshop. It's on my other computer. And the hits just keep on coming... Enjoy!!

I really am this happy in the mornings... But only if I wake up after 8.

And now for the ones that didn't make the cut...

twenty-thousand pictures of my hair

the many pictures of my camera

and "the one that got too close"

If you want to join in today or even in the future go over and check out Rachel's blog!

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