And the house hunt continues.... sort of
Normally military housing works like this:

There are a few options- you can either live in base housing, you can live off base in a personally purchased home, or you can rent.

You and your husband can walk into the housing office on base where the lady either says "Here are two sets of keys to two different houses, bring back one." or " Sorry, there is no base housing available right now. We can put your name on the base housing list, the wait will be such and such long. Here is a list of the housing options off base"

At Grand Forks AFB we walked into the housing office, already knowing that we wanted to live on base, got our two sets of keys, checked out the "house" and brought back one set. In Alaska Daniel had secured us an apartment off base because base housing had a year wait. In Vermont it was a miracle how we found our house - there was no resources for us to use, we were on our own. Yikes!

Here at Cannon there is a lot of housing available - especially the four bedroom homes that we qualify for. It has been a much different experience than any other place we have lived - the choices abound. We still have the two homes to pick from, but there are three different housing areas in three very different areas to consider. And in each area, there are multiple houses to look at. I am so incredibly thankful to be in this situation!

Today we narrowed the housing options down to two houses, both in the same housing area. One of the houses is a single level - which is what we had in Vermont and really liked, the other a two-story.

The single level has a playground, basically in the backyard it's that close. To say that would be convenient would be an understatement. But, at the same time, I don't know if I want a playground in my backyard - it might get a little noisy.

The two-story is close to the playground as well, like a 30 second walk away. There is a sidewalk that runs through and separates the backyard areas. This house seems to be on a quieter street, but the driveway slopes - not good for ball play.

The single story has a really nice tree that we could hang the swings and rings from. But that is the only tree - there aren't any others. The two-story has a few trees - none of which we could hang swings on , but the shade is nice and there are a ton of rose bushes already well established. ( I LOVE roses!)

As for the insides... I won't know about that until Monday when we get the keys and do our walk throughs. We do have the floor plans so we know the single story is 24 feet bigger (whoo-hoo!) but without the powder room. And they are both the same color. No better or worse there.

Anyways, I have officially talked your ears - or should I say eyes?- off. Monday we will choose and Wednesday, hopefully, we will move-in. I'll keep you updated, as if you are interested!
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