The Two-story Won....
We went and did our housing walk through today. It went very well. Eve wanted to look at the "one with the stairs" first, so we did. I really liked it. It felt homey. Well, as homey as an echo-y, empty, white-walled home could feel. But, most importantly, I could see myself living there.

We went and looked at the one-story house next. It hadn't been seen by maintenance yet so it was kind of dirty. That probably had a part to play in our choice, even though we tried to be objective about it. I liked that house as well - the layout was pretty good. The big problem I had with that house was there was no carpet in any of the rooms. That would have been an added expense - not horrible, but it was a factor. I did like the master bedroom better - it was bigger - and since we have a king size bed, a bigger room is good. But it wasn't enough to sway us. Sorry cute one-floor with the nice tree out front!

After much contemplation and measuring out rooms, envisioning our belongings in them, we decided the two-story would fit us better. Besides, I loved the rose bushes.

It's so nice to have a house. I just wish we could actually live there. But, alas, we cannot. Yet, anyways. Our household goods won't be delivered until Monday. As in a week from today.

Did anyone hear my long-suffering sigh?

I am so ready to have a home. I need my routine, the kids need stability, I want something that is my own. I'm kind of tired of the gypsy type lifestyle.

But, you know what I am thankful for?..... A roof over my head, a bed to sleep on, a stove to cook with, my family being cared for by the Air Force, and New Mexico.
I am thankful to be here - to have adventure in my life. To not be bored, and have life be predictable. Yes, I am thankful indeed.

And in a week... I'll be humming away, with steam coming off my brain, as I try and figure out just how in the world I am going to get everything we own into this home. Because it ain't going to be easy, my friends. Nope, not easy at all. There will be much creativity involved in that project. And a whole bunch of stuff sitting out on the curb waiting for a new home.
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